Professional instruction and modern training tools in a state-of-the-art Concord facility

At SBA North, we strive to unlock an individual's potential, allowing them to achieve peak performance on the diamond.

Our team of instructors and coaches lead with fundamentals, developing a strong baseline skill set with our players.  We collaborate with each athlete and tailor our instructional methods to assist them in reaching and exceeding their personal goals.

There's no shortcut to greatness in this game.  Our staff understands the value of hard work, setting goals, maintaining confidence, and the power of a positive approach because they've been there, as collegiate and professional players.

If you're ready to become the player you want to be, SBA North is ready for you.




We believe that when you combine our personal training with the strength and mobility training that Jason Lindsay (CSCS) offers, your athlete has no option but to get better.  We have seen players over the years utilize our instructors along with Jason's team at TOPTEAM Sports Performance and time and time again, those athletes prove to be the top competitors in the area. 

Yes, it’s an investment.

Yes, it’s a time commitment. 

There is no questioning if it’s worth it for those that are truly dedicated to reaching their highest level.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to get serious about getting better.  We truly believe that this is the recipe for success.

Private Lessons + Personal Training = Next-Level Success

SBA North + TOPTEAM Partnership Packages:

  1. Three-day assessment
  2. College prep program (8 sessions/month)
  3. Compete package (4 sessions/month)

Platinum Level - Individual athlete assessment and college prep program (Full price)

Gold Level - Two (2) athlete group sessions (35% off Platinum)

Silver Level - Three (3) athlete group sessions (50% off Platinum)

Please mention you are an SBA North athlete or were referred by the team at SBA North for these discounts!